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I am an interdisciplinary artist who has worked across a variety of mediums and disciplines since I was very young.  My initial interests in visual art and music expanded into theater and performance art, along with educational and  environmental design. I have lived as a working artist for more than a decade through a combination of freelance work with clients, teaching and selling or trading my personal creative work. 

It has been as challenging as I was told as a kid to pursue the path of the artist, but it is one that I have greatly valued and enjoyed in all its trials and tribulations. I attempt to approach our complicated world with sincerity and a good sense of humor. I am continually seeking freelance work in visual art, music, theater, educational and environmental design, along with commission based work and teaching opportunities. I am always interested to connect with other artists from around the world. Please get in touch for more information on freelance, commission or teaching work, or if you have interest in collaboration. 

Live long and prosper! :)

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