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Over many years, my interests in set design merged with my love for the Earth and expanded into working in environmental design. 

I was especially interested in creating green schoolyards and outdoor learning environments that were founded in principles of ecological design and sustainability. I worked in green schoolyards of San Francisco for many years, working with public schools to help create their outdoor classrooms and green schoolyards. I also helped to create a green schoolyard education program and curriculum, teaching classes to hundreds of K-5 students. 

I additionally worked with the SF Green Schoolyard Alliance, who became Education Outside, to create a community generated, open-source, online curriculum for green schoolyards across SFUSD called the Lesson Pathway.  I helped to create the conceptual framework for the curricular tool, along with a visual iconography to act as a conceptual container and community organizing tool. This open-source curriculum was used by green schoolyard educators across the district and beyond. I also worked as a community organizer with the green schoolyard educators in San Francisco, to aid in harnessing this grassroots movement, record their existing favorite lessons and activities and input these into the collaboratively made Lesson Pathway. 

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