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Teaching has been an integral aspect of my creative practice, one that continues to inspire me and push the boundaries of my creative work. This practice has also brought me a lot of joy. It is very important to me to continue to contribute back to community through bringing people together to connect to their own creativity. 

I have taught in a variety of settings, both formal and informal, to thousands of students over the last decade. These places have included public schools, public city and regional parks, community art studios, language academies and radical urban farms, among others. I generally offer a range of classes focused on the arts, creativity, ecology, the environment and earth based craft.


I am continuously inspired by the creativity, depth and mischievousness present in the students I have worked with and grateful for the things they teach me as well. I am committed to radical pedagogy and alternative education and learning approaches. I always strive to create experiential, student-driven and place based learning opportunities. I find the key to teaching lies in helping others to discover their own creative vision. 

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